Faux suede for a warm Autumn

Dear Ariane lovers,

Now that Halloween is behind us, real cold is right around the corner !

What to wear and how to style it to be warm and stylish all Autumn ? Faux suede is for sure your best shot !

This comfortable but yet very subtle fabric keeps you warm, without loosing any ounce of chic.

The natural dark camel color is our favorite, as it fits perfectly with the pretty Autumn colors : fallen leaves, deers, grilled chestnuts and cosy fireplace... Camel looks great paired with jeans and matching suede boots, but also with grey, white, navy blue, or burgundy.

You can totally wear your Lima faux suede cardigan with a white silky blouse and a pencil skirt at the office, or over a simple tee-shirt for a comfy home outfit on Sundays.

If you're looking at a fancy night out, go for the Santa Fe faux suede dress, a must for this Autumn ! Pair it with black tights, leather boots and a furry coat, and you're ready to face the cold in style !

And if you feel a bit more audacious, you can try trendy Arizona the long vest, it will do wonders with black pants and a lace top !





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